Transport of 2 Canine Units

General Outfitting Features
Separate compartment internally waterproof for the transport of 2 dogs, provided with a stainless steel cage; floor daises to isolate the dogs from the back of the transport compartment; drainage system for the effluents or internal washing water; ventilation suction/pressing system; air grills; glazing for the inspection of the animals when the vehicle is moving; internal lighting system; water system.
Equipment and baggage Compartment; auxiliary electric system 12Vcc; supplementary acoustic/luminous emergency signalling devices; accessories.
Examples of outfitted vehicles:
Citroen Jumpy, Dacia Dokker, Fiat Doblò, Fiat Scudo, Ford Transit Courier, Ford Transit Connect, Opel Vivaro, Peugeot Expert, Renault Kangoo Express, Subaru Forester.



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